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Introduction (Vietnamese subtitles below) Name of the main products: – Precise mechanical working technology on hi-tech machine. – Deep molding and drawing technology for thin plate. – Injection molding technology for products from aluminum and zincalloy. – Manufacturing technology for medals, military equipments, souvenirs, logos, and campaign medals. – Surface treatment technology on metal materials. Although the domestic economy predicted in 2015 was face many difficulties, but with the aim of creating a momentum for the economic development objectives 2016-2020, 17 mechanical one member limited liability company determines the best effort to achieve the objectives: • -Total revenue: To strive to increase by 10-20% each year, the value of the industrial production accordance with the actual value of over 650 billion (up 17.2% compared with 2014), salary increases 5-7 % compared with 2014. • -Products: Supplementary develop the new products (with the rate up to 20% per year) pays special attention to the auxiliary products for the “Automotive Industry” and products of high added value. • -Market: Focus on further development in the US market, Japan, Russia and the EU countries but also not so dereliction of the local market, nhà máy z117.

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