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The SHIPPING A CAR process as a FIRST-TIME CAR SHIPPER can be frustrating, and being an AUTO TRANSPORT CARRIER is very hard work. That’s why a deeper understanding of the CAR SHIPPING BUSINESS and realizing the true COST OF AUTO TRANSPORT is important for the CAR SHIPPING INDUSTRY as a whole. Please watch this video to think about the meaning of the VALUE OF BETTER AUTO TRANSPORT.

“How Much Time?”
“What’s It Cost?”
“What Is Happening Now?”
“How Do I Know?”

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This is a CAR SHIPPING BUSINESS DISCUSSION w/ Aaron and Jesse of ACI Transport. To learn more about ACI Transport Auto Shipping Business Opportunities, Call: (248) 607-7640 or Email:

Go to go Google, type in “Car Shipping”, “Auto Transport”, “Ship My Vehicle”, “How To Ship A Car”, (whatever you want), and you’ll most likely find the same twenty Google search results for car shipping. WHY? Because usually the same auto transport company landing pages show up now matter what you do, and a good half of those car shipper data nets belong to the same one auto transport lead generator.

So as a first-time car shipper, you fill in your name, ZIP codes, phone number and email address, and little do you know that the same car shipping lead generator will then sell YOUR one auto transport lead to ten or more auto transport broker companies and now your phone is ringing off the hook. You’ve got twenty car shipping salesman all under-quoting and over-promising each other for your auto transport business. Does this seem like a good business model? (Just wait until you see the car carrier that shows up several days later – just as irritated as you are).

As an auto transport business owner, always relying on other individuals to constantly find good paying loads can be a real gamble. Building better relationships with shippers, dealers, and brokers not only removes less mouths to feed in the chain of revenue, but also ensures stronger ties to the source of the inventory. How much time have you put into building your auto transport business strategy? Is it enough to remain profitable and cover the cost and expense of your assets?

One of the biggest mistakes shippers and brokers make when quoting the carrier rate for an auto shipment is under-cutting the value and expense of the auto transport carrier. If you don’t consider the cost of the truck, the trailer, the insurance, fuel, tires, maintenance, certification, experience, and personal income, you are doing yourself a disservice when coordinating car shipping.

Stop & Think; This is not a pizza – it’s a car! It’s worth thousands of dollars and easy to damage. Are you really going to go with the “Cheapest Car Shipping?” What happens when the cut-rate car carrier damages your car? You think it will be easy to get that paid for?

Auto transport company business owners work hard to build their business. Lead generators can be expensive to work with and most car shipping leads end up in the trash can. With all of the auto transport business happening every day, there’s got to be a way for shipper, brokers, carriers and dispatchers to communicate better and appreciate the real cost and value of better auto transport. It’s time to raise the value of this industry. Say No To Cheap Freight.

The Automotive Industry is FULL OF CHANGE. OEMs, Car Dealers, Auto Auctions, 3PLs and Freight Forwarders. Rail, Vessel Shipping, Ports and Terminals. Car Shipping Customers, Auto Transport Brokers, Fleet Management Services, Car Carriers, and Vehicle Dispatchers. CRM Technologies, Auto Transport Load Boards, Transportation Management Systems (TMS) and Car Hauling Mobile Apps. Car Buying, Business Law and Media. IT’S ALL CHANGING RIGHT NOW.

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Thanks for listening, and best of luck in your auto transport adventures.

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